Volunteer Meeting

If you are interested in getting more involved in our community, I would like to invite you to a planning meeting on Sunday, May 5 at 3 PM, at the pavilion at Lakeline pool. To keep the meeting as brief as possible, we will do our best to keep to the times listed below. We want to build on the awesome events we’ve had in the past. Please add your suggestions in the RSVP link. If you have an idea for something new, please let me know.


Please follow this link to RSVP.



·       Welcome and introductions – 3:00 to 3:15

·       Overview of events for remainder of 2019 – 3:15 to 3:45

o   New event suggestions (focused on adults, not kids)

o   Set event dates

o   Nominate a Lead Contact and committee for each event

·       Q&A - 3:45 to 4:00


I look forward to talking with you soon!


SaraMarie Blunt

President, Westside at Buttercup Creek HOA