Improvements to your property fall into two categories, “modification” and "maintenance".


Modifications are changes made to the exterior of the property beyond basic maintenance. These encompass all changes, some examples are:

  • Repainting (painting bricks is NOT allowed)

  • Any construction

  • Installing pools

  • Patio covers

  • Changes to landscaping

  • Storage buildings

  • Sprinkler installation

If you wish to make modifications to the exterior of your home, you must obtain approval from the Modifications Committee before you begin work. This is required by the deed restrictions. Please fill out and submit a Modification Committee Approval Application. Once you submit your application, the Modifications Committee will review your application and return a decision within 30-days. The Modifications Committee may have additional questions or request a meeting with you to review your request. Upon completion of the review process, you will be notified by mail about the decision. No work can begin until you have received your approval written.

Here are some pointers that will streamline the review process:

  • When submitting an application, please review the checklist for your particular modification to make sure you are including all the required information. Incomplete applications cannot be processed and will delay your review.

  • Review the standards that apply to your particular modification and make sure you are complying with the deed restrictions.

Every application requires:

  • Lot survey (plat map)

  • Photos of the area being modified

Depending on the nature of the modification, other items will be required. Double-check to make sure that all required documentation is submitted.


Maintenance is categorized as changes made to your property to keep it attractive and in good working order, similar to the way it was when the house was new. Basic fence repair, roof re-shingling, and paint touch-up are examples of maintenance.

The following basic maintenance items may be done without notifying the Association:

  • Single fence picket repair

  • Exterior paint touch-up

The following maintenance items require submission of the form (application), but approval is "automatic". The modification application form is provided below.

  • Fence exact replacement (Any change, including but not limited to picket size or pole type, requires review and approval.)

  • Re-roofing (Any change, including color, requires review and approval.)

By submitting this form, you agree that you are doing a "like-for-like" replacement.