Subject: Solar Energy Device policy

Date: September 1, 2011

WHEREAS, Texas Property Code §§ 202.010 & 202.011 (or other numbered sections subsequently used to prevent confusion by the enacting of identically numbered, separate provisions) are effective immediately, allowing owners in property owner associations the limited right to install solar energy devices; and

WHEREAS, the Association desires to adopt a resolution setting forth guidelines on the enforcement of its current conditions, covenants, restrictions, and rules, and the installation of solar energy devices.

BE IT RESOLVED, that, to the extent any dedicatory instrument of the Association prohibits the installation of any Solar energy device, as defined by Section 171.107 of the Texas Tax Code (herein, "Device" or "Devices"), the Association shall enforce that restriction only to the extent allowable by law, and therefore adopts the following guidelines as follows:

  • No Device may be installed on property owned or maintained by the Association nor on property owned in common by the members of the Association.
  • All such Devices must receive architectural approval of the Association prior to installation, pursuant to the Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions of and for the Association and any and all application procedures currently in effect.
  • No such Devices may be installed on an owner's property other than on the roof of the home, or the roof of another structure owned by the owner which is allowed under a dedicatory instrument, or in a fenced yard or patio owned and maintained by the owner.
  • If a Device is mounted on the roof of the home, it may not extend higher than or beyond the roofline.
  • If a Device is mounted on the roof of the home, it must be in the location designated by the Association unless the alternate location increases the estimated annual energy production of the device as determined by using a publicly available modeling tool provided by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, by more than 10% above the energy production of the Device if located in the area designated by the Association.
  • The Device must conform to the slope of the roof and have a top edge that is parallel to the roofline.
  • The frames, support brackets, and visible piping or wiring must be in a silver, black, or bronze tone commonly available in the marketplace.
  • If the Device is located in a fenced yard or patio, the Device may not be taller than the fence line.

To the extent these guidelines contradict with any previous guidelines, rules, covenants, or restrictions, these guidelines shall control. These guidelines are supplementary and are in addition to any and all other covenants, conditions, restrictions, rules, and guidelines in effect for the Association.