Annual Meeting

Just a quick note on the upcoming WBCHOA Annual Meeting on October 17th, 2017. You all should have received your notice of the meeting via regular mail. This is an important time for our community. I am appealing to each of you to either attend, or sign the Proxy and get it sent it. On the Proxy, circle the individual you are assigning your right to vote for you, sign and send it in ASAP per the instructions provided in the mailing. If you will be attending the meeting, you can vote yourself there, but if you don’t know for sure whether you will be attending or not, please complete the proxy. If you attend the meeting, you can withdraw the proxy.

This is important and we need everyone’s cooperation. By law, we must achieve a quorum at the meeting or hold another meeting. Each time we have to do that, we have to print and mail notices and proxies all over again, which is costly to the HOA, to the tune of a few thousand dollars. Time is of the essence.

Walt Conlin